Holistic Facial Treatments

Custom energetic facial treatments that infuse traditional ancient Ayurveda + Eastern beauty practices that restore and harmonize the skin. All aspects of the body, mind and spirit are considered in each treatment.

1:1 Alignment Coaching

With an intuitive coach on your side, learn to lean in to your inner wisdom so you can step into your power & create a life of alignment & ease.

Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan Zone is a deeply therapeutic treatment that relaxes the nervous system, using delicate pressure to stimulate specific reflexes of the face.

Restore, re-balance + reconnect.  


Welcome to my little piece of paradise!

Hi my name is Ashley, a Manifestation + Human Design Coach and founder of

Citrine Skin + Soul - a holistic + spiritual based beauty studio.

I am so happy you are here!

Citrine specializes in life changing therapies, organic, plant-based skin wellness and ancient traditional therapies that replenish the skin and serve as medicine for the soul. We offer intuitive, healing energetic facials, sculptural lifting/ buccal massage, manual lymph drainage, Reiki and Dien Chan Zone facial reflexology treatments that will set your skin on its natural course of optimal health and visible radiance.



 I revel in the beauty that comes from within.

With over ten years in the holistic nutrition industry, I started noticing the undeniable connection between beauty and health. I became deeply interested in the connection between nutrition in conjunction with skin treatments, and the deep emotional-energetic connection that affects the health of our skin. This important organ reflects to us our current state of vitality. I have further completed studies in advanced holistic skincare therapies, facial Gua-Sha, Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage, Yakov Gershkovich's natural Face Lifting Method, Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology, Reiki and energetic healing techniques.


My hope is to inspire others to choose loving skin care rituals and slow beauty practices. Radiant skin starts from the inside and is so much more than just facials. Citrine offers a holistic oasis away from the typical spa environment and practices. My goal is to empower each person with the knowledge and tools required for lasting change through self care, one treatment at a time.


Your skin is an extension of your nervous system. ~ Evan Healy



We are a private holistic skincare studio in London, Ontario

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